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Any massage therapy at Miami Lakes Therapeutic Massage Center in Miami Lakes, FL improves circulation, reduces stress, relaxes, relieves back pain relief, minimizes both physical and psychological trauma, helps correct poor posture, and is an effective treatment for muscle injuries.

Neuromuscular Therapy in particular works by targeting trigger points in muscles and addresses trauma, poor posture, and physical injuries. A 2008 review of 13 clinical trials found that this type of massage could be effective at treating chronic back pain and neck pain. One theory suggests that massage stimulation helps to block the pain signals sent to the brain.

We offer neuromuscular therapy in Miami Lakes, FL that is effective for lower back pain caused by soft tissue injury such as muscle strain. This massage is an intense form of bodywork that consists of focused, concentrated pressure on one specific area of the body. We press and then deactivate trigger points of the muscles in that area, resulting in reduction of stress and pain.

Another service we provide is craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral therapy is great for treating headaches, whiplash, and Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) by reducing pain.

Finally, we at Miami Lakes Therapeutic Massage Center provide sports massages. We adapt our sports massages to the needs of athletes and focus on achieving balance in the body and preventing injuries.

The right kind of therapeutic massage will result in your feeling nurtured and well taken care of. If you suffer from lower back pain or any pain caused by repetitive movements, contact us to begin your therapy and start on your way to back pain relief.

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